+ Do you retouch your photos?

Yes! I remove distracting objects, strands of hair, pimples, dust spots - anything that distracts from the main subject. My philosophy is to edit the image to reflect the magic of the moment rather than reality of the shot which might have someone in the background pulling a really distracting face; or a bright orange traffic cone in view.

+ What if we're awkward in front of the camera?!

Don't worry! I know exactly how it feels to be in front of the camera (cue slideshow of awkies stock photos courtesy of my dad in my teenage years). I make sure all my couples feel relaxed and comfy when I'm shooting, so have no fear, we're in it together.

+ Do you pose your couples?

I have a few tricks up my sleeve to get you laughing and looking all in love and cute and stuff. But I'm not about that ugly 80s sweater Christmas card posing. Or getting that Kim K this-is-so-posed look.

You do you and the photos will be gorgeous. Promise.

+ Who owns the photos we receive?

I legally own the copyright to all of my images. You can see my standard contract here. But all my couples get to print, download and share all the images I deliver. The kind of copyright my couple's get is called a limited release copyright.

+ Do you recommend any vendors?

Yes! If you're interested in having an eco-ethical wedding, take a look on Less Stuff More Meaning's directory for all my fav vendors across NZ.

+ What do we need to do to secure a date?

Once we've met and made sure we all like each other, either over videocall or in person, I send through a contract and invoice for the $500 deposit. Once you've signed and paid the deposit, you're good to go! All booked.

+ What happens if we want edits to our final photos?

You are entitled to two round of edits to any of your photos. Don't like the colouring of a certain shot? Want a shot to be lightened? Send me an email and we can chat options.

+ Do you travel outside of Wellington for weddings?

Yes! When weddings are SO my style that I can't say no, I'll travel outside the Wellington region. Travel costs are not included in the package pricing. If you're keen for me to be at your wedding, email me. We can talk options.

+ How can we order prints and/or albums?

Every gallery I deliver is linked up with my amazing prints and album ordering system, Pic-time. You can order straight through the gallery by following the guide when you first open your gallery.

+ How would you describe your shooting and editing style?

I would describe my shooting style as fast-paced emotion-focused capture. I click the shutter when I see even the slightest flicker of special moment. That means I take a lot of photos and cull them down for you, so you get the best ones.

My editing style is all about allowing the viewer to know where to look. My colours are vibrant but not overwhelming. My skintones are lush and glowing. I love enhancing light and depth while keeping the colours + retouching classic and down-to-earth.

+ Do you have backups of our photos?

Yes, I backup all my images lots of times on big powerful harddrives. I also backup to the Cloud.

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