We are the documenters of love and celebration.
We are strong believers in the rituals of love and community. 
We are your personal wedding-ninjas and skilled at bringing the party to any crowd. 

So, why "Red String"? In South Asia, there is a legend of a red string that binds those fated to each other together.
It is tied around the pinky finger of each lover. The string is invincible - it stretches, tangles, knots, but never ever breaks.
Those fated always find each other and share deep, conditional love. We believe in documenting that string between every couple in love. 

Wellington Wedding photographer.png

We are brother & sister - the constant team. 

The thing we love most about weddings is the people - helping them feel relaxed, doing sneaky ninja-rolls to get the candid shots and delivering you images and video that will leave a wee tear or two escaping your eyes.

- Carissa & Caleb