— Meet the Photographer —

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If a unicorn and a ninja had a baby…

And she became a photographer, that’s probably, maybe, most definitely me.

Hello! I’m Carissa and I’m often found perched in a sneaky vantage point, snapping candids with my long stalker-esque lens. Or I’m right in the thick of the dance floor, getting the badass boogie shots.

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I believe in the power of emotion and making space for it.

When I’m shooting, I’m going by the feelings in the room. I will chase an emotion until I get it - a loved one’s tear just escaping; a calming hand on someone’s back; a fleeting look of absolute adoration. I am all about making space for those moments to happen in every shoot I’m a part of.

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I began photographing in Thailand, where I grew up.

My parents were aid workers, helping refugees from Myanmar. My father, also a freelance photographer, taught me everything he knew about photography. I began my journey on a film camera. It influences my style today.

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I champion eco-ethical photography & weddings.

I am an NZ ambassador for Less Stuff More Meaning, a movement towards eco-ethical weddings - weddings that have more meaning and damage the earth less.

How can a photographer be ethical & environmentally-friendly? Head over to my Journal and I’ll give you the full lowdown on what the issues are and how I tackle them!